Retreat FAQ

Can I come alone?

Absolutely yes! Our retreats welcome single travelers, friends, families and couples! Our goal is to create a welcoming and loving community of yogis and surfers.

Do I have to be in good shape to participate in an ILW Retreat?

Nope! Our retreats are open to anyone. The only request we have is you need to know how to swim.

How many people are there going to be at the retreat?

We believe in quality before quantity and this is something we incorporate in all that we do. We cap our retreats at 10 people and our surf camps at 8 people, ensuring we never compromise safety nor quality.


Sun glasses and sun block, mosquito repellent, board shorts (snug) and a bikini (tight) so they stay on in the water, comfortable yoga clothing, earplugs (if you're a sensitive sleeper), light weight clothing, cash and credit card (you can pay with dollars, but pesos are preferred in many places). There are ATM's in Sayulita. We recommend you exchange a good amount of your vacation money in your home country before coming to Mexico, so you can benefit from the best possible rate. 

Travel FAQ

what time zone are you in?

Here in Sayulita, we use the same time zone as Puerto Vallarta (Central Time Zone). However, the rest of the state of Nayarit is still on Mountain Standard Time.


Fortunately we live in a safe, beautiful bubble; the Riviera Nayarit bubble. Nayarit is so tourist friendly, many people visit who cannot speak a drop of Spanish, and still florish. Sayulita was voted the #1 International location to travel with children for Spring Break 2010 by The Today Show and Travel & Leisure Magazine . More info on Sayulita safety here.


Puerto Vallarta (PVR). You can fly direct from New York, San Francisco, San Diego, LAX, Vancouver, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix, Denver, etc. Find more info here.


For example, from LAX to PVR it takes 3 hrs. From Puerto Vallarta to Sayulita, it is a short 45 min drive. Most travelers prefer the taxi service, which costs around $50-$80 USD one-way trip. Another option is taking the local bus from PV to Sayulita. The bus stop is located across the highway from the Puerto Vallarta Airport exit, which is easily accessible through a pedestrian overpass that connects both sides of the highway. Ask any airport worker and they will direct you there. This option is cheaper (around 40 pesos), but will not bring you to Sayulita as fast as a taxi would. However, if you are participating in a retreat, you don't need to worry about airport pickup or drop off - we've got you covered!


Travel insurance is a very good thing to have on any trip, but especially on an active trip like a surf camp or yoga retreat. So yes, we do recommend you get travel insurance.

Accommodation FAQ


Aurinko Bungalows is located two blocks from the main beach, one block from the town plaza, in the heart of Sayulita. The address is Calle Marlin 18, Centro Sayulita.


Yes, all bungalows have wireless internet.


In general, the tap water is not drinkable in Mexico, however the water in Aurinko Bungalows is filtered and suitable for drinking water. Even the shower has water that is filtered and drinkable! Filtered water is also a better choice for Mother Earth, reducing the amount of plastic bottles bought and used. 

what electrical socket is used in mexico?

The electrical sockets used in Mexico are type A and B. The voltage is same as in the US, so you don't need a converter if you are traveling from the US or Canada.

Surf FAQ

What differentiates the surf instruction at ILW from other surf schools?

  • Highest quality instruction in Mexico. 
  • We schedule our lessons in accordance to tide, wind, swell and crowds. Only the best conditions for you.
  • We focus on one thing and one thing only: surfing. We don't dabble in other areas such mountain biking, rafting, horse back riding, etc... At ILW you come to learn to surf.
  • Our Sayulita surf camps have a maximum of 8 clients with 3 instructors.

Is Sayulita a good place to learn to surf?

With a sandy bottom, warm water and mellow waves, Sayulita is a great place to learn to surf. There are also a dozen or so surf breaks around the area that are perfect for intermediate and experienced surfers to hone their skills.

Do I need to be in good shape to learn to surf?

The only thing we recommend is that you are able to swim. Surfers and yogis come in all body types, ages and backgrounds. :)

Do I need to bring my own board? 

You can bring your own surfboard if you like but we have plenty of boards to choose from. With over 100 boards in our Quiver (longboards, short boards, fish boards, epoxy boards, fiber glass boards, etc) you can surely find something that works for you. Keep in mind that surfboard travel costs on airlines have gone up in the last few years, so please check your carrier to see what they charge to transport surfboards.

Am I too old to learn to surf?

It's never too late to learn! Surfing is a self-paced activity, and our teaching style is designed so that there is no pressure whatsoever. We provide you with a supportive and safe environment, which helps if children are joining us too! Surfing is an awesome family activity, and we encourage as many family members to learn as possible.

Do I need to bring a wetsuit?

During the Winter and early Spring (Dec-April), you may need a wet suit top to stay warm, especially during the early morning surfs. Otherwise, the water is warm all year round, and you'll be in a bikini, surf trunks or a rash guard. Water temperatures during the Winter range from 70- 80 degrees, and in the Summer from 80-85 degrees. More information can be found here.

Yoga FAQ

Do I have to be good at yoga?

There's no such thing! That's why it's called a Yoga Practice, because it's just that, practice. Our instructors have been practicing for years and still struggle daily with many poses. We've had complete beginners attend our retreats and classes as well as students with an advanced practice. Our intention is to cater the yoga practice to students needs and skill level.

What If I'm a complete beginner?

The beauty of yoga is that it is suitable for all ages, backgrounds and abilities. We'll always cater to your specific needs and skill level, and there are modifications and variations to offer for all asanas. Here at ILW, we believe it's never too late to start a practice!

Do I need to bring my own mat?

We provide yoga mats and props, but if you wish to bring your own mat, please do.