Surf Instructor World Traveler

Hire Kalle Carranza as your surf instructor who will travel with you to that new surf break you've been longing to go to for quite some time. Get coached on where the take off spot is, how to turn sharper, draw better turns, or simply have someone to share the line up with. 


Go anywhere

Whether it be Europe, Africa, the South Pacific or anywhere your heart with fancy, Kalle will meet you at your destination. Having 2 passports, Finland and Mexico, almost any destination in the world is accessible for Kalle without Visa requirements. 


surf anything

Doesn't matter whether it's 1 ft or 20 ft, longboard or short board, cold water or warm water, the adventure is what drives us to travel and see new locations around the world. Who knows, you may even want to go a location we've been to before and will have intel on the area or local friends who will show us the local spots. 


no time limit

As long as we have availability, we can go for as long as you want. Whether it be a quick 2 day getaway to Cabo or a 3 week trip to Indonesia, we will gladly come along. 


  • $250 USD/ day + ALL TRAVEL (flights, accommodation, food, transport)