surf lessons

For those of you itching to give surfing a try, we make sure you have an awesome time, free of rocks, big waves, sharks, or any other crazy dangers you're mind has fabricated. We take you out on friendly waves, make sure you're on the right equipment, and prioritize you having fun. Complete beginners start off on land learning the basics and progress out into the water when proper stand up and falling techniques are learnt. Depending on your ability and will, we'll add on paddling technique, reading waves, and so on and so forth... only moving forward once previous skills are mastered.

"I won't lie, surfing is tough, but during your first lesson we basically dangle the carrot in front of you, guaranteeing you stand up on a board (granted you have no physical impairments) making you lust for more." - Kalle Carranza

 We bill your surf lessons at an hourly rate which gives you the freedom to decide how long you'd like to surf for.  Typically, beginner lessons last 2 hours since there is land practice and theory. Intermediate lessons don't need land practice or theory * Extra hours are billed in full hours.


- All necessary equipment (surfboard, leash, rashguard)


-Surf trunks/ bathing suit
- Towel
- Sun block


$50 USD/ hour per person

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After a year and a half of surfing, the 2 lessons I had with Kalle were the first to give me real understanding of technique and how to improve.
— Tiffany from NYC