After 2 years of no improvement in my surfing, I finally decided to hire a personal instructor that could help me learn more fundamentals. Kalle was the perfect teacher. Not only did he thoroughly explain the theory and mechanics of surfing, but he intently watched my every move and gave me personalized instruction that I could instantly apply and see results. If you want to be pushed into waves, there are no shortage of schools available to you, but if you are truly looking to improve your surfing, understand the waves and be safe in the water, start with Kalle.
— Jessi Hunt
My husband and I had the most amazing experience with I Love Waves in Sayulita! We took four days of intermediate surf lessons with Kalle, where each morning we did ‘theory’ and surfed different breaks around the areas in the late morning/afternoon. The theory was incredibly useful,with well-designed and easy-to-understand slide presentations,we went through important topics such as turning, wave dynamics, and how to navigate a lineup without making anyone angry :) We were also treated to an in-depth video analysis of our surfing which helped us identify (embarrassingly) what we were doing incorrectly. Kalle was a professional, positive, and incredibly knowledgeable instructor, and our lessons surely have empowered us to be safer and more agile surfers. He has a great teaching philosophy, and is truly invested in making everyone around him a better surfer. I Love Waves (Kalle and Eva) made us feel like part of a family here in Sayulita, and we can’t wait to come back!

— Namita Bisaria
Kalle’s instruction extended far beyond the base mechanics of surfing, but covered everything the physics of the wave to the ettiquette of the lineup. However, he also never lost sight of the goal, which is to enjoy the waves and the surf... which is exactly what we did.
— Jason Glaspey

Kalle did a great job of helping me take my surfing to the next level. He uses a clear, analytical approach to drive home basic principles before you even get into the water and then inspires you to apply those lessons once you’re out in the waves. His intuition and impressively keen eye for details helped me improve my surfing faster than I could have imagined.
— John Madere

When you first start surf you realize the better you get the more you have to learn. You hit those plateaus that are hard to break through. Kalle helps you punch through them to get where ever you want to go with your surfing. Bigger waves, barrels or anything else you might dream of become possible with Kalle’s performance instruction.
— Lynda Decker
Until I met Kalle, most of my surf knowledge came from YouTube and what I picked up watching other guys in the line up. I knew how to surf, but wasn’t progressing as fast as I wanted. In our first session, Kalle’s coaching dramatically improved my surfing. I picked up more in a few hours with him than I would have in 6 months on my own.
— John Winsor
Kalle’s passion for surfing is infectious. As a coach, he knows how to give just the right advice at the right time without bombarding you with more information than you can handle. If you’re looking to level up your surfing I strongly recommend booking a session with Kalle.
— Peter Baumgartner