Kalle Carranza


Born and raised around Sayulita, Kalle is a local who grew up and surfing all of the surf spots in and around the bay. Kalle lived as a traveling professional surfer for more than a decade obtaining 10 International Surf Magazine cover shots and dozens of editorial photos all over the world.  After many years as a professional surfer and having visited more than 50 countries during his travels, in July of 2008  Kalle quit professional surfing and moved to Finland to get a University degree in Marketing. 

Kalle holds accreditation as an ISA Surf Instructor, and spends his days teaching people to learn to surf. He applies theory lessons, dry land practice and in the water techniques in order for people to learn faster.  "I really enjoy teaching people to surf. Those people that really feel the love for the sport, the rush of adrenaline and joy when riding waves: they are the ones I want to teach. I feel that teaching surfing has become a fad, and there's too many people out there that just push people into waves but don't really know how to teach surfing. That is where I strive to become better. I want to use every tool at hand (visual aids, powerpoints, video and photo feedback, in water practice,etc) to help people improve faster. "

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Eva Estlander


Because of Eva’s love for surf, sea and sand, she traded the cold waters of Helsinki, Finland for the sunny shores of Sayulita, Mexico. Having graduated with a Master's Degree in Economics, Eva left the hustle of Finnish city life for the warm waters and friendly waves of Riviera Nayarit, opting instead for a lifestyle that promotes health, balance and a deeper peace of mind. Practicing yoga, surfing and eating fresh tropical food is the life her dreams are made of.

Eva's path with yoga started through Ashtanga, but she slowly felt more drawn to different styles including Vinyasa Flow and Yin, which are now the closest to her heart. As a yoga teacher, Eva combines the power of Vinyasa flow with the restorative energy in Yin. Eva has a gentle way of guiding your body in to proper alignment, and works with each of her students individual needs. She believes that these two practices complement each other and are the perfect combination for a calm, balanced body, mind and spirit.


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