Meet Kalle

Kalle Carranza is an ex-professional surfer and current Patagonia ambassador raised in Nayarit, Mexico. Born to a Finnish mother and Mexican father, Kalle can offer intensive surf coaching and instruction in three languages—Spanish, Finnish and English. As a young surfer he was voted as one of Surfer Magazines Top 100 young surfers in the world, and went on to win 2 Mexican National Titles shortly after. 

Kalle focused his energy on surfing and traveling the world and was featured in numerous articles and covers for magazines such as Surfer Magazine, Surfer’s Journal, and many others. In 2008, and after being ranked 1st in Latinamerica, Kalle quit pro surfing and moved to Finland to get a university degree. Currently Kalle works as a surf instructor and surf event commentator for both the ISA and WSL.

Kalle has been teaching surfing for over 10 years and his goal is not just to get you standing on a board, but to understand in depth all knowledge related to surfing. After decades of traveling and surfing at some of the top surf destinations all around the world Kalle is knowledgeable about all types of surf breaks, keeping you safe wherever you may find yourself surfing with him.