Surf Lessons

Get ready to experience some of the beautiful scenery and waves that Riviera Nayarit offers.



Time to Surf

Led by native Nayarit surfer Kalle, you will be introduced to the waves that best meet your surfing ability at some of the most beautiful breaks in the surrounding areas. Kalle will ensure that you have the right equipment and prioritizes both learning and fun throughout your lesson.

Group lessons include all equipment.*


  • $50 USD per person in group per hour

  • $100 USD/ private per hour

How We Teach

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced surfer, you will find Kalle’s teaching to be the individualized instruction you need to better your surfing.

As a beginner you start on land to ensure you learn the proper pop up and falling techniques. As an intermediate surfer you will advance your progress with tips about paddling techniques, wave selection, and turning. Advanced surfers will work on reading waves, carving, and fine tuning their surfing to take it to the next level.